Fees for visa on arrival Vietnam from Australia

According to get visa on arrival (pre-approved visa or pre-arranged visa), applicants need to pay two required kinds of fees:
Service fee and Stamping fee.

Service fee

Service fee is the fee you pay to us for doing all the paperwork for you to submit your visa application to the Vietnam Immigration Department for processing their visa approval letters.

Stamping fee

Stamping fee is the fee you pay directly to Immigration Officers in cash (in USD or VND) (at Immigration Desk/Counter) at your arrival airport in Vietnam to have visa stamped onto your passport. The fee is collected by the Immigration Officers and compulsory for all those who use visa on arrival method.

Single: exit and enter one time
Multiple: exit and enter Vietnam more than one time (during your chosen time)
News & Updates on stamping fee
Stamp fee at the airport (price per person)

25 USD for single entry 1 month/3 month

50 USD for Multiple entry 1 month/3 month

The stamping fee on arrival must be in cash (VND or USD), no credit cards are accepted.

Visa type




Normal Processing

(2 working days)

Urgent Processing

(8 working hours)

Super Urgent Processing

(4 working hours)

Super Urgent Processing

(2 working hours)

Paid in cash upon arrival
Cost/pax (USD)

1-2 pax

3-5 pax 6-9 pax

10 pax


Purpose visit: Tourist, Family visit, Friend visit

Tourist 1 month single entry Vietnam visa


$15.99 $14.99


Plus $10

Plus $20


Plus $40


$ 25

Tourist 3 month single entry 


$25.99 $22.99


$ 25

Tourist 1 month multiple entry 


$20.99 $18.99


$ 50
Tourist 3 month multiple entry  $43.99 $41.99 $38.99 $36.99

$ 50

Purpose visit: Business visa is available.

Urgent business visa only available for 1 working day. Plus 20 USD by selecting Super urgent (4 working hours).

Business 1 month single entry 


$55.99 $54.99


Plus $20

$ 25

Business 3 month single entry 


$80.99 $77.99



Business 1 month multiple entry  $67.99 $65.99 $63.99 $60.99


Business 3 month multiple entry 

$108.99 $106.99 $103.99 $101.99


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